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Bahamas Certified Seafood will become known as an innovator in the seafood market by offering a brand new processed product, never before seen in the seafood industry. This product is Flash Frozen Stone Crab Claws. This new product is being targeted for every supermarket in the world, bulk packaged in plastic bags much the same as chicken wings.

Traditional freezing methods wreak havoc on succulent crab meat. That's because the slow rate of cooling imparted by a conventional freezer — like the ones kept in most homes and businesses — causes the proteins in crab muscle to collapse. That, in turn, erodes their ability to hold in the meat's most tasty juices. After thawing, that fluid gushes out, taking flavor with it and turning fluffy jumbo lump crab into what might be called a "bland, paper spit wad."

Flash freezers, on the other hand, don't suffer from the same flaws. Instead they cool so quickly — dropping down to -140 degrees Fahrenheit and even chillier with the aid of super-cold gusts of nitrogen gas — that the crab meat's proteins escape unharmed.

Flash Freezing Crab Video

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